In SizeWize, your character grows and gets slow the more you move, this makes it increasingly difficult to get into smaller spaces. Collect one of the small white balls and your character will shrink slightly. Grow too big or get crushed and you will die.


- A,D - Moving left and right

- W - Jump

- Mouse - Select Buttons

Made in 2 days for the Minimalistic Game Jam 3

Royalty Free Music by Joshua Mclean


SizeWize - 28 MB
SizeWize - 31 MB


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Are you supposed to stay the same size if you use arrow keys?

No, I was not aware of this, I will fix this straight away.

Very nice idea. Although the game presents some nightmarish situations, the graphical and audio sides are very sympathetic in style. I found the levels 4 and 6 the most difficult ones, sometimes when you're on a moving platform or tight space, it can be hard to predict how much the character will grow.

I'd like to invite this game to our Game Development World Championship!

Thanks for the feedback! And I’ll think about entering my game in GDWC!

Alright, thanks for thinking!