The Burning Dark

A Ludum Dare 46 Entry

By Jack Pavey
keep the fire alive.

How to play:

Collect sticks and drop them on the fire to keep the fire alive.

Let the sleeping Campers get too far in the dark and they will be eaten by the wolves.

Drop sticks on to the sleeping Campers to build tents that protect them from the dark.


WASD - Arrow Keys - Movement

Left Clicking on a stick in your inventory will drop that stick on the ground. Do this to place the sticks on the fire or a sleeping Camper.


Footsteps - 22 MB
Footsteps - 22 MB


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awsome game! i think that if you had added a background music it would set the mood even more.

your'e invited to check out my game


Ive been playing a lot of keep the fire alive style games recently but this one is probably my favourite. Would you like to try my game